RV Consignment

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Let Us Handle the Process from Start to Finish

We have dedicated onsite detail and ASC certified technicians that are prepared to inspect and ensure that your RV is in top shape, making it more attractive to the most discerning of buyers. And with extensive advertising on our high traffic website and advertising at no cost to you on RV selling websites, this means your vehicle will be highly visible to a large buying audience.

If you ask people who have sold RVs by themselves, most will complain about the difficultly buyers have securing funds for the sale and handling the sale documentation. When you choose JustBetterCars.com, we make those worries disappear! We have deep lending relationships allowing us to secure financing for a large pool of buyers, alleviating funding concerns and allowing us to take care of the financing details. And our DMV experts handle the sale documentation and title transfer with ease. This allows you to sit back and watch your RV roll off our lot with the convenience of a team of professionals that aim to find it the right owner as seamlessly as possible. And by offering Extended Warranties on every RV we sell, the next owner can feel confident buying your RV from JustBetterCars.com. No future phone calls to you about any mechanical or wear issues. We give buyers peace of mind! Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we ask for no listing or monthly fees when you consign your RV with JustBetterCars.com. We have your best interests at heart!

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