Used RV in Roseville, CA

Used RV in Roseville, CA

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Are you an adventurer that wants to bring along the comforts of home when you’re out exploring the world? With, we're here to help you find what you’re looking for. We’re confident that you’ll find an RV that has all the features and amenities to suit your lifestyle wherever the road takes you. Let’s take a moment and discover the diverse classes of motorhomes that you will discover when you choose for your RV needs!

Class A Motorhome

With a look that stands out on the road with the features that really puts an emphasis on the idea that home is where your heart is – meet the Class A Motorhome. These luxury land-yachts deserve every bit of praise as you can offer them, with size configurations that range from 22’ up to 45’ and available with or without slides, you can find them with either gas or diesel engine options and designed as pushers or pullers – with rear or front engine – there’s so much to appreciate when you step inside your Class A Motorhome. Interior amenities on these marvels make them an ideal option for short trips or for full-time life out and about. Equipped with everything, from washer and dryer, huge flat screen TVs, DVD players, satellite systems, king-size bed, full bathrooms, complete kitchen and everything else you could want whether you’re stopped over or settling down. This elite class of motorhome has been designed for drivers that want more out of their vehicle and understand, appreciate, and love the life that it can bring. Join us today at and see for yourself what makes these the proverbial kings of the roads!

Class B Motorhome

Moving away from the intricate qualities that of Motorhome royalty, we find the Class B Motorhome category. Built on the chassis of a van and designed with a raised roof, these are the sort of vehicle that expects its driver to take it off to the beaten paths and experience the world for all its generous possibilities. Generally regarded as a van camper, Class B Motorhomes can be found with many of the creature comforts present on Class A Motorhomes with obvious reduction in overall size. Don’t let the fact that these are built of van chassis suggest that they can’t enjoy refinements the likes of showers or toilets, the fact of the matter is, many are available with everything from bathrooms to holding tanks for fresh water and waste. Perfectly designed for fewer passengers due to their size, these are generally recommended for 1 to 2 people. The advantage of driving Class B Motorhomes include the versatility of taking it for short trips or even errands without concerning yourself greatly about potential difficulty in navigating narrow city streets of finding parking. Quaint, comfortable, and one of the best options for motorhome enthusiasts that have clear plans laid out, the Class B Motorhome remains one of most sought-after options.

Class C Motorhome

Enjoy the conveniences and premium quality home amenities that you can find on Class A Motorhomes but designed as a more refined and deliberate layout. Smaller in size but not in capabilities, the Class C Motorhome comes in a number of varieties that often take their shape and potential from either a van or truck chassis rather than relying on a proprietary frame like their Class A cousins. A phenomenal option for families or groups of friends, the Class C Motorhome offers a versatile sleeping area ideal for quick trips, long vacations, or undetermined stopovers on your life’s journey. Enjoy the convenience of an eating area, entertainment features, and bathrooms to complement your experience wherever you’ve decided to venture. A reliable vehicle with a manageable size that will allow you to get around the busy streets, the lonesome highways, and RV parks without a headache or concerns about height restrictions or occupying space. Check out the various models and let our team at assist you in finding the Class C Motorhome that has all the amenities to make your life great.

5th Wheel Travel Trailer

Establishing a position for itself in the market largely due to the fact that this style motorhome complements families or individuals that already boast a highly-effective towing machine, the 5th Wheel Travel Trailer makes for an experience that is unique onto itself. Constructed with a raised forward section, this style of towable home is designed for a bi-level floor plan, allowing for more effective and usable room. Moreover, many 5th Wheel Travel Trailers come with slide-outs to further establish space when in a parked location. Generally due to the length of time it can take to set them up, these are recommended for the full-time living options. While they come in a variety of sizes and weight classes, you’ll want to have either a medium or heavy-duty tow vehicle to transport the 5th Wheel Travel Trailer along for the ride. Nevertheless, when inside it will be difficult not to be impressed by the sheer possibilities these marvelous living quarters can provide. Easily homier than many of its motorhome relatives, the average sizes range from 25’ to approximately 45’ in length, and with many provided with slide-outs, you’ll be hard-pressed not to enjoy the space the 5th Wheel Travel Trailer offers.

Pop-Up Trailers

The most basic of the class, the Pop-Up Trailer is also, understandably, the least expensive RV in the category. Often called tent trailers or even pop-up trailers, these folding camping trailers have been cleverly designed to ensure they are both lightweight and easy to deploy when you have determined where you want to rest for the night. Unlike their heavier relatives, these can be towed along with vehicles that have minimal towing capacity and while the space is obviously limited, many have been optimized with easily switchable interior configurations to make it possible to eat, refrigerate or cool, cook, heat, and, in some cases are equipped with water tanks with sinks. For those who need it, specific models may have amenities the likes of gas supplies and a separate 120v electrical system to make your time away from home as comfortable as possible. Great for weekend getaways for families that are on a tighter budget or are of the more adventurous sort, you’ll find the model that best embodies your needs when you search for yours at

Truck Camper

The Truck Camper is a vehicle that sits in an interesting position in the segment, effectively with the same qualities as the Class B Motorhome, these campers offer a variety of top-quality features for drivers that have the vehicle to complement it. They fit on nearly all models of pickups, and can enjoy such highlights as toilet, shower, propane system, cooking areas, and sleeping area. However, because of their size, they are generally meant for one or two people at the maximum and are less convenient for those who want to be full-time on the road. All the same, if you have a pickup truck and want to be able to get out on the road for long periods of time without complications or worrying about where you’re going to be spending your night, these are definitely the vehicle accessory that you’re looking for. – Your Dealership for Quality Used RVs

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