How It Works

All sale details are prearranged via the internet or telephone with your salesperson for the desired vehicle you wish to purchase. A purchase agreement will be written up at the terms agreed upon and then arrangements for payment will be made which may include bank financing, personal payment or both. (We CAN arrange financing if you wish at very competitive finance rates. ) We will then make arrangements to deliver the vehicle to a place of your choice on the day you desire. A delivery fee will be charged based on where the vehicle will be delivered to. We charge a minimal delivery fee which covers only our cost of that delivery.
IF you live in California:
We typically deliver the vehicle to your front door (or the most convenient location for you). We have two drivers, one in your vehicle and one in our vehicle. All the sale documents are prepared and brought to you with your vehicle. Our licensed sales representative will be well versed in the details of your sale and will be able to walk you through the signing process and answer any questions that may arise.

IF you live outside of California in a bordering state:
Customers usually have us deliver the vehicle to the closest border to their home where they take delivery of the vehicle and sign sale documentation. You do NOT pay California Sales Tax for out-of-state vehicle delivery.

IF you live outside of California, not in a bordering state:
We can either drive the vehicle to your home (and our salesperson flies home) OR we can arrange delivery on a flat-bed truck. We've done it both ways and it is up to you how to proceed. We can quote you the cost for either option. Sale documents will be prepared and delivered to you to be signed. You do NOT pay California Sales Tax.

IF you live in Canada:
We prepare the sale documentation which you will need along with the title to cross the border and bring the vehicle into Canada. You do NOT pay California Sales Tax.

IF you live outside the U.S. or Canada:
Vehicles can be transported to the nearest port for loading on a container ship. We can arrange for transport from there OR you may wish to do so yourself.

Each situation is unique but not difficult to accommodate as we deliver many vehicles to customers as far away as China and Russia! Ask all the questions you'd like and we'll be glad to help you in any way we can...